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27/03/2011 · i'm trying to do my homework and don't know how to do this problem that reads: "an open box with a square base is to be made from a square piece of cardboard 24 inches on a side by cutting out a square from each corner and turning up the sides.

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12/03/2019 · f(x)= (x+2)/(x^2+x-6) a. find the y intercept of f b. find the x-intercepts of f c. find the horizontal asymptote of f d. find the vertical asymptote e. Does f have a slant asymptote

28/10/2008 · I have to do this for Pre-Calc: 1) x= t+1 and y= t^2-2t (a) Find the points determined by t=-3,-2,-1,0,1,2, and 3. (b) Find a direct relationship between y and x and determine whether the parametric equations determine y as a function of x.

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12/03/2019 · F(x)=x^3+x-10 (A) Find all actual roots of F. I was able to list all the possible roots by doing p/q but I don't know how to find all actual roots. Should I use synthetic division?

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